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You do not need to master complex professional image editors or become an expert in exposure values and color adjustments to add a pro-looking creative layer to your favorite photos. Fotor has been designed to be of use to amateur and professional users alike, offering a wide range of adjustments, effects, filters, and other features that anyone can apply with just one click. As a bonus, it also comes with a versatile collage maker, photo retouching tools, and HDR support.

People tend to distrust photo editors that claim to produce professional results with simple one-click editing and enhancing features. These are the same people that love using presets in Lightroom, which are nothing more than one-click creative filters. When it comes to easy editing, the only difference between Lightroom or Photoshop and Fotor is that the former offer you also a wealth of manual adjustment tools that only professionals really understand. With Fotor, you can also perform a number of manual adjustments to whatever effects and filters you apply, but in a much simpler and jargon-free way. To be honest, the set of features and the range of possibilities that Fotor offers is shorter in comparison, but enough for most amateur and many professional users.

Scenes and Effects include dozens of one-click filters that will turn your pictures into works of art in seconds. Providing you with different lighting options and creative layers (and a plethora of suggestive names), you can play around with them for as long as you wish. With tools like this, trial and error is the best way of finding the effect that really matches your picture, knowing that all changes can be easily undone and that the original file won’t be altered in any way until you decide to save the results. The editor also offers you adjustment tools to correct any lighting and color imperfections (HDR effect included), a Crop tool to resize your images, a Borders option with all kinds of frames and creative vignettes, the option to add text to your photos, and a Focus option to blur your images or specific sections of them in a creative way. If you find an effect – or a set of effects – that you think would suit more than one of your pictures, you can go back to the main menu and change to the Batch interface, where you will find the same Scenes, Effects, Settings, and Borders sections.

Fotor is also a collage maker. You can either make use of the program’s geometric templates or go “FreeStyle” and arrange your own collages yourself. Templates are great for creating illustrated pages and catalogs – all you have to do is select the arrangement you like best and drag and drop your images into the corresponding frames. The FreeStyle option will let you place your images wherever you like on the page, define the overlapping order, rotate them, resize them, change their opacity level, etc., until you’re happy with the results.

Fotor comes with many more features for you to enhance your best shots, including a photo retouching kit to make your portraits shine, an intuitive red-eye removal tool, etc. If you find that the basic edition is too basic for you, you can always upgrade to Fotor Pro, where you’ll find more advanced filters, effects, HDR technology, and touch-up tools for beauty professionals. I find Fotor a great way of producing high-quality enhanced pictures quickly and without hassle. It’s a tool that anyone can use to learn more about creative photography in the most intuitive way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • One-click editing and retouching features.
  • Collage maker.
  • Exports to social networks.
  • Graphical editor


  • Batch and individual editors are different menu options
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